A little bit about me

I am the Determined Creature.

I love life and live for writing. I wanted to become a journalist for ages, but then decided that I wanted to help the world instead. I am on a break from University at the moment because I just want to focus on me for a while.

I am usually fun-loving and easy-going unless there is something to get riled up about, like a debate on a subject I am passionate about, or maybe if I have something and decided that it’s worth speaking about. Lol. I mean, I can get right into it if the time is right and people want to debate with me!

I hate the globalization of societies around the world and hate that when you drive into a big city (across the Western Hemisphere) you are greeted by loads of billboards telling you where to go and/or what to wear and/or what to buy! I have read quite a lot of books about logos and branding the world. It just makes me so angry. It’s bad enough becoming a walking billboard with your cup from Starbucks, shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, and such; but to also be guided by commercials and advertisements that have celebrity endorsements. I just don’t agree with it at all!!! It’s just absolutely diabolical that the world has come to this. (More on this topic in future)

In all, I am just a normal girl who loves her friends and family. I just want to spread my views and this is a great platform in which to do that. 🙂 Watch out world, HERE COMES A DETERMINED CREATURE!!!!

Take care.


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