Forgiveness Part 2…

QUESTION: Something you have yet to forgive someone for

This is a hard question for me to answer. I am usually quick to forgive, but not to forget.

I suppose the only person that I can think of that I haven’t already forgiven is the person…

I will not say his name. 8 years on, and I am still unable to talk about it. I haven’t worked through it. I have, however, come to live with it. It doesn’t dictate my life anymore and it hasn’t for a few years now.

It does keep coming to the surface though, since I haven’t dealt with it properly. And of course having been diagnosed with HPV (an STI that is the base for cervical cancer and genital warts) that he could have given to me isn’t helping me put this to bed.

At least, I know that eventually, I will learn to live with it better and stop hating him. I am in counselling because of him. I never thought anyone would have that effect on me. I can’t begin to imagine how anyone else could make me hate them. I HATE HIM!

I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive him for making my life a living hell for two years and then some. I just want to forget he ever existed, but that just isn’t possible… I am determined not to let this ruin my life. I just want to deal with it and move on. 8 years is long enough…

Xx Determined Creature xX


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