customer service calamity

I am so over the customer service in this country! I don’t understand how you can go into one coffee shop & have amazing coffee, then go to the same coffee shop chain at a different location, be greeted by a girl with the most solemn face ever (who obviously doesn’t know how to smile), and have appalling coffee!!!

The coffee was burnt– you get that disgusting after taste, that’s how you know it’s burnt. & When I decided to take it back to be remade, the manager said to me, in the most unpleasant voice imaginable, “What’s wrong with it?” Surely, it shouldn’t matter what’s wrong with it. They should just remake it.

Even after I told her what was wrong with it, she made the coffee EXACTLY the same!!! I would have taken it back again, but after the reaction I got the first time, I decided I’d better not. That’s the ultimate no-no in customer service standards to me. You shouldn’t make a customer feel like they are the ones who did something wrong- so much so, that they feel like they can’t complain about a coffee that they paid £2.35 for…

If they paid for something, they should make it right!!! I shouldn’t have to write to customer relations to get an apology…  It’s that sort of thing that really does my head in. I feel that if you go somewhere to eat or have a coffee that those people should treat you how they would want to be treated when they went out for dinner or whatever. But that must be an American thing, because I haven’t seen that sort of hospitality anywhere here.

Maybe, I’m a bit harsh because I have worked in these places & I know how long it takes to make something. Don’t leave me waiting for 2 cappuccinos for 4 minutes.. because I know it doesn’t take that long… & don’t leave me waiting for 15 minutes for a burger when I know that it takes 7 minutes to cook. Don’t play me for a fool when it comes to smiling either. A smile can brighten anyone’s day, & it’s contagious. Most of all it’s FREE!!!!!

After my appalling coffee, I left with not only a bitter coffee in hand but a bitter attitude too. I was so angry that I had been treated like that. It turned my happy day into a bitter one in a matter of minutes. I was so angry that I wrote a letter to customer relations describing how long it took for my coffee to be made because the girl took my order then proceeded to take the people’s order behind me, without making my coffees first. And how the manager spoke to me and most of all, how disgusting my coffee was

Watch out, businesses, I am on the loose in Norwich.

Xx Determined Creature xX


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