F**k Pizza Hut

At the beginning of September, we ordered pizza from our local Pizza Hut which we didn’t receive for over an hour! It was meant to be delivered within half an hour, but when it didn’t arrive 45 minutes later, I rang the shop (as you do) enquiring where my pizza was.

The person on the other end of the phone was RUDE! I asked him to speak to the supervisor, to which he replied that I was. I said that I was unsatisfied with this delay and asked what happened to my pizza. He said that the delivery driver had come, and no one answered the door, so they rang through to the number they had (on the caller ID, I think, although no one had checked the number was correct) and a man answered and said they hadn’t ordered a pizza. I said, “An American woman didn’t answer the phone?” And he said, “Well, no…” First hint that they dialed the number wrong, you’d think, no?

The “manager” didn’t even apologize. He just continued to speak to me in an unfriendly tone. He said he’d resend our pizza but that it would take another 30 minutes, and I said fine.

The pizzas arrived (with no problems, I might add) in 15 minutes. When we opened the pizzas, they were disgusting. It looked as though he’d reheated the same pizzas he originally dispatched… They were dry, unappealing, and just gross. I tried to call back to the restaurant to ask for them to come collect the pizzas and give us a refund, but the lines were closed.

I sat and drafted an email to Pizza Hut HQ stating all of the facts, what the pizzas were like, etc.

I got a response a couple of weeks ago:
“Dear Miss Rivers,

Thank you for your email regarding your delivery. I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your experience and would like to apologise on behalf of Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut are firmly committed to providing great customer service to our customers, and we were concerned to hear this was not apparent.

Your feedback has been given to the Management Team in order to address yourr concerns within the restaurant.

As a good will gesture I have enclosed a gift card to the value of £10.00 for your use in any of our UK Huts.

Kind Regards,
S Hermann
Pizza Hut Customer Service Team”

This reads as a fob off, doesn’t it? Like maybe, if we give her £10.00 she will just f*ck off. That isn’t how this works Pizza Hut! I will not just go away. £10.00 doesn’t even cover the cost of the meal, let alone the numerous phone calls I have made and the time I spent detailing what occured. And as if HQ sending my feedback to the Management Team at my local Hut is going to fix anything! It was the management team that treated me like shit in the first place!!!

I rang Pizza Hut HQ this morning and spoke to some girl who said she would look into everything again and she would be in touch within 3 to 5 business days. I am not satisfied with any dealings that I have had with Pizza Hut to date, and I am not afraid to take it further up the chain of command if I continue to be unhappy with the outcome. Watch out Pizza Hut UK. That’s all I can say!


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