It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is…

I get ridiculously angry when people bring colour into anything. I was sent a link to a youtube video by a friend of mine and in the comment space someone said “like some said on twitter, shit doesn’t get real until white people feel it.”

Like, look, I’m proud of my heritage. Don’t get it confused. But it ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT COLOUR!!! I mean, plenty of white people are below the poverty line, are without jobs, etc. And they have been since the recession started. It’s not just black people who are suffering — or ethnic minorities, for that matter. To be honest with you, redundancies, lay-offs, etc, happen no matter what your skin colour is.

It just riles me. At one point, people will just say,”you’re a person.” Not “you’re black” or “you’re asian.” It shouldn’t matter. We are all feeling the pinch. I wish people would just stop saying “I have it tough because I’m black.”


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