Flat hunting…

So, I am looking to move out of my mom’s and into my own place within the first quarter of this year. It’s proving mighty difficult. Haha. No one said it was going to be easy though. Lots of legwork involved here.

I found a flat yesterday that I was really interested in. £425 per calendar month, but after contacting the landlord, and her wanting the first month’s rent AND a £623 security deposit (a final figure of £1,048) just to move in, it looks like a dead end. I can’t afford that even with the help that I can get. Taking in all the current economic uncertainties, you would think that private landlords would be willing to negotiate, but this just isn’t the case. Unfortunately.

So it looks like more hunting for me. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

xx determined creature xx


One thought on “Flat hunting…

  1. I do understand how fricking utterly ridiculousness looking for a place can be. I am looking for a place myself and it’s sometimes a bit disappointing. However it can be fun to walk through amazing places.You’ll find a great flat at a great price. Keep on truckin sista! LOL

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