Virgin Media give their customers the run around

Virgin Media Give Us the Run Around

So, I have been having issues with Virgin Media for as long as I have been a customer. If it’s not one thing, then it’s the other! It started with broadband continuously dropping out and not being able to reconnect to the service as it wasn’t broadcasting. Then it was losing all of my services! Now, it’s something to do with OnDemand on my Tivo box — namely, the BBC iPlayer and red button services.

I had an engineer come out to test my box (waste of time, because it has nothing to do with my box, and the engineer confirmed this). The engineer said that this was a network-wide issue on Tivo since the update of all the boxes. And that when the customer service representative booked the engineer, it should have popped up on her screen. So, if they know of the issue then why isn’t it on the website anywhere? Honestly. So, I waited patiently for my feedback link to come through so I could tell them exactly how I felt about them wasting my time.

The feedback link never came. Surprise, surprise. So, I had to contact them to ask them how I can give feedback. They sent me to the “contact us” bit of the Virgin Media website.

So, this morning, I went there and had a live chat with an agent called Rachel, which was not very productive, but I did get £10 off my account. I mean, I was polite, she gave me money off of my bill! But I am not happy. I followed the advice and I rang through to the tech department from my phone (from a number that I know will take me there). Here, the tech guy argued and said there is not a network-wide fault. Not that he could see, anyway.

I said, “why wouldn’t I believe the engineer who came to my property and told me that this was a known fault?” It’s obvious they are trying to pass the buck to whoever isn’t them; they are obviously not a customer- focused company, at least in my view. He said “Oh, we only supply the feed, but the BBC deliver the service.” If that’s true, then why am I only having issues since the service update to my Tivo box? Even still, they are the ones I pay my money to, so they are the people that have to deal with it! It’s nothing to do with my box. It’s to do with their service.

As if to prove my point, he said, “Oh, let me check this one thing, do you mind holding for a few minutes?” And then he disconnected me. I am not impressed at the customer “dis”service that I have received from Virgin Media at every single point whilst I am having issues with my service. I pay a lot of money to have their “service” and, as you can imagine, I am not impressed with not being able to use it! I will keep fighting.

Conversation with Agent.

Shannon: Feedback about engineer visit

[You’re chatting with Rachel.]

Rachel: Hi Shannon. Thanks for using webchat.
Rachel: How can I help you today?
Shannon: Basically, I called to lodge a complaint about my iplayer and red button services on the BBC
Shannon: They sent an engineer out, but it was a waste of time.
Rachel: I do apologise for this Shannon.
Rachel: In what way was the engineer unhelpful?
Shannon: The engineer told me that it was a known fault across the network. The engineer wasn’t at fault. The customer service agent should have told me that this was a network wide fault that Virgin are aware of.
Shannon: Engineer said, it should have come up on their screen when they went to book in the engineer.
Rachel: That does sound bad Shannon. If I can take your account number, I can check your account and feed back to the agent concerned.
Shannon: My issue is that, I came onto the website to see if it was a network fault. Because I thought it was, as it was only happening on the BBC it wasn’t my box.
Shannon: *removed for security reasons*
Rachel: Can you confirm the first two characters of your password?
Shannon: *removed for security reasons*
Shannon: I would hope to have seen this somewhere on the website, in a prominent location. It is not anywhere on the webiste. This fault is nowhere to be found.
Rachel: Thanks for that, just checking your details.
Shannon: Hello?
Rachel: Just checking the account for you.
Rachel:I  will definitely feed this back to the agent. You will need to call faults to establish how long the fault will last. As a goodwill gesture I will credit £10 to your account.
Shannon: How do I get in contact with the faults department?
Shannon: Who do I need to get in contact with to get them to put it on the website somewhere?
Shannon: And thank you. I really appreciate the gesture.
Rachel: You can call faults on 151 free of charge from your landline.
Shannon: Okay, thanks for that.
Rachel: No problem. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Shannon: No, that’s all thank you for your help.
Rachel: Thanks for your time.
Rachel: Bye.

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