Daily Post: Loneliness

So, NaBloPoMO (National Blog Posting Month) are putting up some daily posts and I am going to try to post on here every day for the next 30 days!

Today’s topic: When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

It’s a tough question, because I am never alone really. I always have people around or things to do, and so I never get to think about being lonely.

Recently, I lost someone really close to me. He passed away. And that is quite difficult. For the last short while, we’d grown so close and we spent so much time together and when he left me, that was the worst feeling ever. Sometimes life hits you like that though, and he taught me so much about what resilience really means.

He’d been through so much in his 33 years of living and he was able to show me what being resilient really means. He was always championing me to do what I can do and more. He backed me up when I started tackling the issues in my own life. He was my rock. He was there when I was at the bottom of the pile and he helped me back up to the top.

I am angry at him leaving me. And I do feel really alone. Alone. A.L.O.N.E. such a short word with so much meaning behind it.

You know, I have my family and friends that try to do all they can, I love them for doing that, but sometimes, it still feels lonely. No one really understands the sort of loss. The loss that you feel in your heart. And you do actually feel really alone. It’s so hard to explain. So hard to put across exactly how you feel. How it feels to lose someone who meant/means so much to you. Unless you are there living it, you will probably never understand. I wouldn’t wish the emptiness on anyone.

It’s like a void that will never be filled. I know that sounds *so* dramatic, but that is how it feels right now. For me. Right now.

Determined Creature


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