Why Do People Use Facebook As A Weapon?

We all have that friend who sits on Facebook making snide comments about other peoples’ lives. Why do they do that? Why can’t they just be happy for their friends who are happy?

Yes, I am well aware that people are judgemental and that they all have their own opinions about what I should be doing, but at the end of the day, it is my life. I refuse to sit around and mope but it is absolutely ridiculous that people are so against everything I do.

I met someone. It has made me realise that I do actually deserve to be happy. In a happy, normal, loving relationship that has all the things I have never had before. I am 24, and I am ready to be in that committed relationship. I am happy about where life is going.

Stop judging me, focus on your own life. People in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.


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