Why do they do that?

So, yesterday, I had a bit of a run in with someone who will remain nameless. Basically, I had commented on something on Facebook that my father had posted. And this person decided to rib me about how rude and disrespectful I was being. Umm… Excuse me? I am an adult and can say whatever the fuck I want to say. Honestly. It was this, “you’re a parent now. You need to set a good example and teach your son to respect his elders.” Firstly, don’t fucking tell me how to raise my child, nor tell me that I need to teach him to respect his elders. Umm.. DUH! He is gonna respect his elders. Just because I wrote a jokey post on my dad’s check-in doesn’t mean I don’t respect him! I am just so glad that my dad has a sense of humor and doesn’t get all butt hurt. I don’t need you to get all butt hurt for him. If he had an issue, then he would have said something. I’d like for this person to stay the hell out of things that don’t involve them. Leave me alone. Stop taking digs at me at every fucking corner, painting them as “advice”. Take your advice and shove it, because I am so tired of you judging me. First it was about having an induction, then about this. Leave me alone. 


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