Brexit — The EU Referendum

I have been following the Politics related to the referendum from afar. I am a British person living abroad. It’s shocking to me some of the things I have read on Facebook. The Result is shocking for a lot of reasons.

First, people voted without really knowing what they were voting for. There were a lot of really ridiculous decision for voting out. Lots of reasons that were based in fear and in xenophobia and in bigotry. There was so much fear mongering on both sides of the campaign for Europe, but the thing that is most shocking to me is that people listened to what was basically propaganda instead of doing their own research. They fed into the lies that were perpetuated by UKIP and Nigel Farrage. They didn’t look to see how leaving would affect them, our economy, our trade relations with the world. They failed to see how leaving Europe would hurt our holidays to the continent; how it would hurt our currency.

Second, a lot of what I have read about the Leave campaign votes suggest that people failed to believe in Democracy — that their vote would count.

There was a guy on the BBC who didn’t think that his vote was going to count. I feel like there were more people like this in the pool and really just voted to leave because they thought it wouldn’t count. It’s just mind-boggling that people have so little faith in the Process that they turned out the vote thinking that nothing would happen. It’s an astounding notion to have.

There is currently a petition out to trigger a second referendum because the turnout was less than 75% (72.2% turnout) and because the Leave campaign was half of that, it’s not really representative of the nation. I feel that a second referendum may encourage more people to turn out and really think about what they are voting for.

The most interesting thing that I have seen is the breakdown of Leave and Remain by age. The following Tweet shows the results of the YouGov survey. It seems that the older generation voted for a Britain that the younger generation don’t want.

Screenshot (21)

I’m waiting to see what Brexit means in the long term for Britain and its relationships with Europe and the World as a whole. I’m astounded and shocked that majority of those who voted, voted to Leave. I wish the repercussions were more transparent. We now enter a period of uncertainty.

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